David Kaleko
Principal Research Scientist, Ph.D.


I'm currently a Principal Research Scientist working for Motorola Solutions in Chicago, where I lead the Speech and Audio Artificial Intelligence team in the Chief Technology Office.

I'm passionate about applying the research science and engineering skills I've developed to help people and to make a concrete positive impact on the world, for example by building machine learning models that transcribe 911 calls in real time.

I have a Ph.D. in particle physics from Columbia University, and my research experiment was called MicroBooNE.

Other interests of mine include learning new things, woodworking, playing chess, and life away from a computer screen.

If you're a chess player, here's my all time favorite puzzle. White to play and win!


Here's a link to my data science-centric blog!

Contact Me

Trying to get ahold of me?

Try shooting me an e-mail at david.kaleko (at) gmail (dot) com.

You can also find me on LinkedIn here.